Lafaut Hatchery & Poultry farm 

It has always been our priority to focus on the quality of our final product: the day-old chick. We perfectly know that all steps in the process must be taken as good and efficient as possible in order to supply a perfect final product. To obtain strong and healthy chicks we take care of our dams with the greatest attention possible. Because first there was the chicken, and then the egg. To guarantee a perfect quality, we have our own dam farms.

Our animals are taken care of by a single propagator who is passionate and experienced. This has a positive effect on the chickens’ well-being. This person gets assistance from a vet, and a team of specialists and technicians: all of them perfectly know how to adapt the circumstances to the animals’ needs.

We monitor the process from A to Z so we control every link of the chain.

Both the breeding of the dams as the reproduction is done under our full control.


Bert Verstraete: “Our philosophy is that our premium quality hatching eggs are enjoyed by as many people as possible, throughout the world.”

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Lafaut Hatchery and Poultry farm

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